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Engraved Gems


  • Meticulously hand-engraved onto semi precious stones such as carnelian, jasper, ruby and others.
  • Can be adorned on ring, pendant, bracelet or expertly stand-alone encased.
  • Personalized design (select an existing gem, subject matter or request custom artwork).
  • Available only by custom order.
  • Expect 6-8 weeks for entire process (i.e. design sketch, engraving, setting).

Elaborately carved gems were a staple of luxury in antiquity and often incised onto semi-precious stones such as carnelian or jasper. In the form of a talisman they served as extraordinary symbols of status and in certain cases, divine protection. They were also employed as a form of personal identification with which one would press a wax seal. Rulers, nobles and wealthy merchants sought, collected and traded these fascinating miniature works of art.

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